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Mumbai Chapter of INSEED

The Mumbai Chapter of INSEED was started in 2009 with the piloting of the project entitled Moving towards a cleaner environment in Thakur Village, Kandivli (E), Mumbai. The piloting was launched under the leadership of a founder and executive member of INSEED Sangeeta Shirname with cooperation of volunteers from Thakur Village. Since then INSEED activites in Mumbai have grown to cover also education, and empowerment of women with continuing efforts towards protectng environment.


Following projects have been undertaken by the Mumbai Chapter of INSEED.

The team

  1. Sangeeta Shirname, Executive member, INSEED
  2. Shaheen Desai, Executive member, INSEED
  3. Devyani Irani, Executive member, INSEED
  4. Sachin Mandhare, INSEED member
  5. Jyoti Mandhare, Volunteer
  6. Shruti Baluni, Volunteer
  7. Priti Modha, Volunteer
  8. Priti Modi, Volunteer
  9. Babita Pachisia, Volunteer
  10. Pamila Pushp, Volunteer
  11. Sunipa Sekhar, Volunteer
  12. Pamila Pushp, Volunteer
  13. Poonam Poddar, Volunteer
  14. Anupama Padi, Volunteer
  15. Rashmi Malik, Volunteer
  16. Shivani, Volunteer
  17. Aashi Gupta, Volunteer
  18. Farida Variava, Volunteer

For more details on activites of Mumbai Chapter, please send an email at inseed (at)

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