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Activity-based out-of-school education at a construction site for children of construction workers in Nashik, India

This project was started on February 24, 2007 at a construction site on the campus of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik. The project had features which were close to the non-formal education undertaken by the Indian Institute of Education (IIE), Pune, India. These are:
  • emphasis on child-to-child learning (learning from others)
  • following the norms set in the formal system for language and mathematics, so as to enable the children to get entry into the formal schooling system,
  • engaging children in productive activities,
  • organising singing, drawing, dancing, sports and crafts etc.

Period: February 2007 - February 2008

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED
  3. Sangeeta Shirname, INSEED
  4. Rajashree Harish Gonte, MA (English), as Instructor

Financial support: The project was supported by INSEED and YCMOU, Nashik.

Aims: The objectives of the project were

  • to provide non-formal out-of-school education of pre-primary and primary level to the children, in the age-group of 3-14 years, of construction-site workers,
  • to bring awareness about cleanliness, hygiene and the environment,
  • to produce relevant teaching-learning material,
  • to convince the parents about the need for education for their children,
  • to educate the parents about dietary practices and hygiene.

Plan and implementation: The university provided a classroom for the education centre and the contractor of the construction site provided a "mid-day meal" for the children. The teaching material and other necessary things for the day-to-day functioning of the centre and the teacher's salary were provided by the Society. On an average, the student strength was 35, in the age-range of 2-12 years.

Status and outcome: The centre was successful in developing interest among the children towards learning. The parents were encouraged to put their children into regular schools. Some parents were also asked to enrol their children into boarding schools so that the children could have continuous education. The Society also identified likely sponsors for such children since the parents could not afford the high cost of boarding schools.

The project lasted a full year. The project ended since the construction was completed at the site, and the workers moved to other locations outside Nashik district. The centre was moved to the nearby village of Gangapur, as a toy and book library and activity centre for the local children.

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