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Activity-based out-of-school education for slum children at the Jalaram mandir, Nashik

The Jalaram Mandir Trust provides free lunch at the Jalaram Mandir in Nashik. There were nearly 40 children (in the age-range of 4-14) who went there daily for lunch, and who did not attend school. With interest from the Jalaram Mandir Trust and the involvement of the Society, a project was planned for these children, similar to that for the children of construction site workers at YCMOU.

Period: March 2007 - June 2007

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED
  3. Sangeeta Shirname, INSEED
  4. Hasmukh Shingala, Trustee, Jalaram Mandir Trust, Nashik

Financial support: The project was supported by INSEED and Jalaram Mandir Trust, Nashik.

Aims: The objectives of the project were

  • to motivate enrolment of children from a particular slum area of the Nashik city in formal schools,
  • to bring awareness about cleanliness, hygiene and the environment,
  • to convince the parents about the need for education for their children,

Plan and implementation: In collaboration with the Jalaram Mandir Trust, it was decided that a teacher be appointed to teach these children reading, writing and mathematics. For the children to get the free meal they would be required to go the class-room and take part in the activities.

The education centre functioned in the Temple premises. The Jalaram Mandir Trust funded the education centre fully while the Society oversaw the functioning of the centre and provided guidance for the teaching and the day-to-day. The Society also provided the centre with the books, teaching material and toys.

Status and outcome: Within a few weeks of starting the project, the improvement in the demeanour and appearance of the children were noticeable. The centre was also successful in developing an interest among the children towards learning and group activities.

Practical difficulties were faced in this project in achieving its goal, mainly due to the habits of the parents. Children were forced to beg every day to supplement the family income. The centre was closed down within a few months.

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