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Traffic rules and regulations: knowledge and awareness

A project evaluating the knowledge and awareness of traffic rules was planned for undergraduate students of statistics. The reason for planning such a project is the chaotic nature of the traffic on Indian roads and the ever-increasing number of vehicles and road accidents. In India, it is not obligatory to go to a driving school to be eligible for the driving licence. Many who appear for the driving test know barely enough to pass the test.

Period: March 2008

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED

Financial support: There is no financial support for this project and the society plans to fund it on its own.

Aims: The aim of the project was to collect information on the knowledge of traffic rules of drivers in India and their awareness of road safety. The project also aimed to determine where and how new drivers get information about the traffic rules and road safety.

Plan and implementation: The project was envisaged as a training for undergraduate students in conducting surveys. The undergraduate students would be expected to select a sample of drivers from various age groups and collect the data according to the questionnaire prepared by the Society.

Status and outcome: Description completed and questionnaire prepared

Publications: questionnaire

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