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Muktangan - INSEED activity centre at Kamatwada, Nashik

This is a continuation of the Muktangan started at Gangapur village, and is located at Kamatwada, Nashik. This area is within Nashik city and has a sizeable population of working class people.

Period: January 2011 -

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED
  3. Sangeeta Shirname, INSEED
  4. Chandrika Karia, INSEED
  5. Vrushali Sabare, MA (Marathi), as Instructor
  6. Sanyogita Kulkarni, Cultural development
  7. Jyoti Tushar Patkari, Drawing and crafts

Financial support: The project is supported by funding from ASHA for Education, Atlanta Chapter, and INSEED.

Aims: The objectives of the project are

  • to inititate needy children into the use of computers and English learning,
  • to involve children in extra-curricular activities that promote learning,
  • to inculcate reading habits in children,
  • to organise camps for children,
  • to educate adults through the use of Adult Literacy software.

Plan and implementation: Muktangan has a computer education and language centre. It also gives a language learning possibility to household workers using the Adult Literacy software developed by the TATA Consultancy Services. It also serves as a library and reading room for children. During school holidays, the centre also organises camps which include various learning and skill-development activities such as drawing, craft, music, personality development etc.

Status and outcome: The centre has been functioning well since its establishment in January 2011 and has been successful in developing interest among the children towards learning. The women who work as household help have come forward to learn Marathi and English, as well as the use of computers.

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