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Sanitation awareness programme and building of dry toilets in India

This is a multi-disciplinary project focusing on education, public health and environment at the same time. The sanitation problem in India is huge due to its large population and unavailability of information on the types of sanitation facilities available and lack of general hygiene.

Period: June 2008

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Sari Huuhtanen, Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland
  3. Tuula Virman-Ojanen, INSEED

Financial support: The plan for the documentary is made by the researchers of INSEED. Mass media institutions in India are contacted for undertaking the planned documentary project as an academic project by their students. This step of the project is fully funded by INSEED only. Sponsors will be sought for steps 2 and 3 of the project.

Aims: The main aim is to provide toilets in schools and in slum areas and to educate people about How to use toilets and keep them clean. Also, the project aims to teach people to reuse waste water and compost their waste so as to overcome the problem of discarding human waste. In addition, rain water harvesting is aimed at areas with scarcity of water in spite of high rainfall.

Plan and implementation: The following steps are planned to accomplish the above aims.

  1. Education and public health - To prepare a documentary showing different types of toilets (Indian, western, public, open, eco-friendly etc.) and how they should be used by men and women. It also includes education on hygiene. This documentary will be shown in government and private schools. Also, special shows will be organised in cities and rural areas.
  2. Environment - To build toilets in some schools especially where there are large number of girls and in some slum areas in Nashik.
  3. Study the availability and usage patterns of toilets in the schools and slum areas. Establish contacts with the local municipality for wider installation of dry toilets.

Status and outcome: Project at the planning stage, and will be implemented when a suitable site has been located in India.


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