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Noise pollution: A health hazard?

In Indian society, the noise has become a part of life and its effect go unnoticed. A project evaluating the implications of noise as a health hazard is needed to understand this.

Period: March 2008

The team:

  1. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  2. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED

Financial support: There is no financial support for this project and the society plans to fund it on its own.

Aims: The aim of the project is to collect the information on the type of noise which people experience in their day-to-day life and its effect on their well-being. The reason for planning such a project is the increasing level of background noise due to traffic, machinery, and the use of loud speakers.

Plan and implementation: The project has been envisaged as a training for undergraduate students in conducting surveys. The undergraduate students would be expected to select a sample of people from various age groups and different localities, and collect data according to the questionnaire prepared by the Society.

Status and outcome: Description completed and questionnaire prepared

Publications: questionnaire

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