The Indic Society for Education and Development is a not-for-profit organisation, established in India to extend a helping hand to the under-privileged sections of the Indian society, particularly in the rural and tribal areas. The benefits of the current economic growth and the innovations in technology are passing these groups by. In order for these groups to be active participants in the progress of the nation, and to enjoy the benefits of the economic growth, the privileged sections ought to bring them up by giving them a helping hand. The social, economical and technological upliftment has to be egalitarian, in an increasingly globalising world.


The objectives of the Indic Society for Education and Development (INSEED) are as follows:

  • Dissemination of
    • computer education
    • vocational training and improvement of literacy rate, through adult and child education
    • information for higher education in and outside India
    • home economics
    • civic sense for betterment of social life
  • Promotion of
    • sports
    • mathematics
    • music (Indian and Western)
    • health via instruction and diffusion of knowledge relating to life-style and eating habits
    • waste management and recycling – biological waste and compost
    • water and groundwater management
    • low cost agricultural practices and organic farming
    • planting of fruit and hard-wood trees
  • Foundation of libraries, reading rooms and children’s libraries
  • Adult (re-)education
  • Activities conducive to the protection and improvement of the natural environment
  • Research in above areas
  • Reaching people through media – documentaries, newspaper columns
  • Networking of like-minded people