INSEED helps under-privileged sections of the Indian society by providing education to children and by training women to aquire skills and professionalism in their work.

Project 1: Training of a group of women from a bachat gat, Gangapur, Nashik [Photographs]

A group of eight women were trained in stitching of quilt covers and pillow covers of Finnish design. They were also trained in making re-usable diapers and sanitary towels which can be marketed at a lower price than the currently available use-and-throw diapers and towels. For this purpose, a volunteer from Finland visited INSEED for 5 days during January 2009 and provided the training. The cost of the raw material needed for the training was covered by INSEED. The women who participated in the training have formed a bachat gat of their own.

Soon after the training, bachat gat also participated in a local exhibition and advertised the products made during the training.

Project 2: Educational support and assistance to Jai Anand Nirashrit Balakashram (orphanage), Makhmalabad, Nashik [Photographs]

The Jai Anand Nirashrit Balakashram (orphanage), Makhmalabad, Nashik, has 112 children in the age-group of 2 to 18 years. INSEED started collaborating with the orphanage from November, 2008 by first providing with a UV-water filter for clean drinking water. Through the contacts of INSEED members, help was provided in building bathrooms and toilets for the children. During the academic year 2009-2010, school text books and other material will be provided by INSEED for all the children. Additional books and toys are also provided to the orphanage and a plan of having a toy-cum-book library at the orphanage is being discussed. INSEED also plans to provide vocational training to the senior children so that they acquire better professional skills and are able to support themselves when they move out. This is a long-term project and is being developed step-by-step.

Project 3: Threads of Happiness, Kandivali, Mumbai [Photographs]

Threads of Happiness – teaching underprivileged women and children the delicate art of hand embroidery and stitching is a project started in October 2011, by imparting skills that would make their lives self-sufficient. We believe that engaging in creative skills like embroidery create a positive impact on young minds and they imbibe the valuable qualities of patience and perseverance. The happy faces of our girls and women on a journey of self-discovery and self-development is the soul of our project.

Scholarships and studentships

Deserving students are provided scholarships, studentships or fellowships for pursuing basic education, vocational training or higher education. The money provided is used for paying the tution fees and/or financial support of the student and his/her dependents.