Health promotion

Based on the success of the North Karelia Project of Finland, health promotion is undertaken via instruction and diffusion of knowledge relating to life-style and eating habits. The educate first those who control the kitchen principle brings special education for women with regard to the use of cooking oil, salt and sugar. Also, fitness tests such as a 2-kilometre walk for people are organised by the Society.

Since media plays an increasingly important role in our lives, short documentaries are made and newspaper articles are written to bring awareness about health and lifestyle.

Current projects

The UKK walk test: The Society conducts the UKK walk test for the general public as well as for employees of companies. The UKK two-kilometre Walk Test is familiar to Finns and is known beyond the borders of Europe, too. The Walk Test is in use in 22 countries.

The Walk test is a simple and safe physical fitness test designed to measure the respiratory and cardiovascular performance of normally active men and women. It requires walking two kilometres at a constant pace, and at the end of it, measuring the heart rate. The test is developed by the UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland.