Educational Support Intervention Program

Educational Support Intervention Program: Mathrubhumi Marathi medium school, Kandivali, Mumbai
This project is about improving the skills of the students of a school located in a slum area of Kandivali, the Mathrubhumi Marathi Medium School. An INSEED member paid a visit to the school to observe the general condition of the school and also the learning quality. The school is a Marathi (vernacular) medium school and runs in two shifts and caters to about 600 students. The school is surrounded by oopen drains and excessive amounts of garbage. It is privately run by a trust for slum children and intend to provide the set-up to reinforce the learning.

Period: February 2011 – April 2012

The team:

  1. Sangeeta Shirname, INSEED
  2. Devyani Irani, English
  3. Jyoti Mandhare
  4. Sachin Mandhare, INSEED

Financial support: The project is supported by donations, and INSEED.

Aims: The objectives of the project are

  • to improve the mathematics and English skills by providing additional educational support for these subjects,
  • to make the basic education stronger by identifying areas that need special attention,
  • to clean the school surroundings.

Plan and implementation: The school was approached with the outline of the programme to be followed for improving the skills of students. A group of volunteers willing to work with the students on various subjects was recruited. The volunteers visit the school according to the planned schedule to teach.

Status and outcome: The project is initially planned for one academic year (2011-2012). The project is still looking for the volunteers.

Publications: English lessons by Devyani Irani