Moving towards a cleaner environment

Moving towards a cleaner environment

Plastic bags have become a part and parcel of our every-day life. We tend to overlook the harmful effects of non-biodegradable plastic on the environment, for the sake of convenience.Period: 2009 –

The team:

  1. Sangeeta Shirname, INSEED
  2. Sangita Kulathinal, INSEED
  3. Bijoy Joseph, INSEED

Financial support: The housing societies collect funds and material to implement the project goals.

Aims: The aim of the project is to pilot community involvement in planning and controlling the use of plastic carrier bags, through the means of introducing alternatives.

Plan and implementation: The plan is to involve cooperative housing societies from wealthy suburbs of Indian cities and work closely with them in promoting the use of cloth bags and recycled paper bags.

Status and outcome: Piloting completed in a housing society in Thakur Village, Kandivli (E), Mumbai. It is to be extended to other areas and cities.

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