Project-wise collection of photographs

Education Muktangan-1 Activity-based non-formal education for children of construction workers at YCMOU campus
Muktangan-2 Activity-based non-formal education for slum children at Jalaram Mandir, Nashik
Muktangan-3 Activity centre and toy-cum-book library for children at Gangapur village, Nashik
Empowerment Bachat Gat women Training of Bachat Gat women in stitching and sewing of quilt covers, re-usable diapers and sanitary towels, and participation in a local exhibition
Orphanage Educational support and assistance to children of Jai Anand Nirashrit Balakashram, Makhmalabad, Nashik
Thread of Happiness Thread of Happiness, Mumbai
Environment Soil and water Soil and water quality assessment of the Behedi river basin, Kalwan Taluka, Nashik district
meetings, workshops and
India 60 Finland 90 Social well-being and gender equity in a globalising world: Dialogue between India and Finland, Finnish-Indian Workshop, 27-28 November, 2007, Helsinki, Finland
R-BUGS 2007 International Workshop on Bayesian statistics using OpenBUGS and R 10-14 December 2007, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Stat-Epi 2008 International Workshop on Statistical Models and Practices in Epidemiology 24-28 November 2008, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, India
R-BUGS 2008 International Workshop on Bayesian statistics using OpenBUGS and R 08-12 December 2008, St. Thomas College, Pala, Kerala, India
Others Culinary 2009 Indian vegetarian cooking for the Finns!