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Web publications

WP-2007-01 Equivalence of the classical measurement errors model and the nested random effects model
WP-2008-02 India 60 and Finland 90 – Social well-being and gender equity in a globalising world: Dialogue between India and Finland
WP-2008-03 ESD – Education for sustainable development. Images and objects active methology toolkit. (© 2008 – THE CONSUMER CITIZENSHIP NETWORK)
WP-2008-04 Recycling – the only way out of garbage!
WP-2008-05 HOW-TO: Composting biodegradable waste
WP-2008-06 Noise pollution : A health hazard? (questionnaire)
WP-2008-07 Traffic rules and regulations : Knowledge and awareness (questionnaire)
WP-2009-08 Visiting Finland: a practical guide (originally meant for Indians visiting Finland)
WP-2010-09 Moving towards a cleaner environment